Photo essay – Butterflies of the Chilika Lakes

I was waiting on the shores of the Chilika Lakes for a boat to take me out to view the dolphins for which the shallow lakes are acclaimed. As explained in the earlier Post 41, Day 22 of my road trip across central India, I had driven 50 kilometres south from Puri to reach the town of Satpada. It was from there that I had planned to hire my little craft.

But it was to be a long wait, for the boat my guide and the tour boat operator had conspired to hire to me was apparently occupied. And so to pass the time I ventured to the small well-tended garden that adjoined the booking office. The flowers there were of one kind, marigolds, and all were alive with different insects. But mostly they were alive with butterflies. These photos include a selection. Few I know the exact names of, some are genera that also occur where I live in Australia. All are from the families Nymphalidae and Lycaenidae. None seemed at all bothered by my presence.

I am guessing their great, great, grandchildren are emerging about now.



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